Our Mission

The mission of The People’s Assembly (TPA) is to build a cross-cultural and intersectional movement grounded in anti-racism and directed at advancing Black liberation and social justice for all. We hold spaces for critical engagement and creative resistance. We organize to address anti-Black state violence and social injustice. We organize throughout the Pierce County area by means of creative resistance and shared learning and leadership.

In September 2016, Tacoma Stands Up changed our name to The People’s Assembly, in light of a deepened understanding of the power of language and the way in which language both shapes and is reflective of access to various communities. In recognition of the ableist nature of the terms “stand up”, we moved to adopt the name of our summer-long campaign of marches (The People’s Assembly) as our organizational name. As we continue our work, we commit to continuing to examine and adapt our language, approaches, and strategies to expand access and strengthen connections across different communities.

core values

Antiracism: the active dismantling of cultures and systems that directly and indirectly foster white supremacy, colonization, and anti-black violence.

Black liberation: freedom, uplift, and autonomy for all Black lives; social, legal, cultural, and economic reparations for centuries of systemic genocide, criminalization, and marginalization of Black lives and bodies.

Social justice: fair access to dignity, freedom, and quality life for all people. This includes the divestment of power from current systems and cultures of white cis-heteronormativity and organizing, action, and policy for Black liberation and social justice for all.

Intersectionality: the recognition that each individual simultaneously holds a variety of identities which have varying power implications and which bring complex lived narratives. This means capturing our stories and framing our strategies in ways that recognize the nuanced experiences of oppression across and within communities.

Queer and trans positive: the affirmation, celebration, and centering of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming folx (particularly Black queer and trans folx).